Tri-town Events This Week

There’s a lot to do in the tri-town for Thanksgiving. For a full itinerary, visit

Saturday, Nov. 23

Craft with photos.

The Mattapoisett Free Public Library is offering a Photo Transfer Craft at 10 a.m. For questions or special accommodations, contact the library at 508-758-4171.

Order pies.

The Rochester Women’s Club will be preparing apple, pumpkin, and squash pies for Thanksgiving. To order the homemade pies, call Marsha Hartley at 508-322-0998 by Saturday, Nov. 23.

Pick-up will be the day before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 27 from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 24

Eat together.

The Annual Old Rochester Regional Thanksgiving Banquet will be held in the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School cafeteria.

Doors open at 11:15 a.m. dinner will be served at noon. Tickets and transportation are available for tri-town seniors from their Council on Aging.

Hear a lecture.

The Friends of the Mattapoisett Library’s annual meeting will be held at 2 p.m. at the library.

After a brief business meeting, guest speaker, Dr. Mia Holland will present “The Journey to Health, Happiness, and Well-Being: Thank you, cancer.”

Dr. Holland is a recognized commentator in the field of eating disorders and has been an invited speaker for Harvard University Medical School She was also selected to present a TEDx talk on eating disorders.

Monday, Nov. 25

Learn about humor.

Licensed Social Worker with Catholic Memorial Home John Rogers will discuss the positive effects of humor at the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center at 12:30 p.m.

People who laugh more have lower rates of depression and anxiety, Rogers will help teach how to ignore frustration, and be more positive.

Call the Marion Council on Aging at 508-748-3570 to learn more about this event.

Eat dinner at lunch.

The breakfast chef, Ken Vieira, and Outreach Worker, Lorraine Thompson, are cooking up a traditional “boiled dinner” at noon. A donation of $5 per luncheon is suggested. Chair Yoga follows Monday luncheons at 1:15 p.m.

Thursday, Nov. 28

Eat Thanksgiving dinner with others.

The First Congregational Church will open its Friendship Hall on Thanksgiving Day, for the fourth annual Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner.

Doors open at noon, and a homemade dinner will be served at 1 p.m. There is a limit of 100 seats, so reservations should be made in advance by calling the church office at 508-763-4314. Tickets to this event are free.

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Common Buyer Misconceptions


Working with buyers is usually a pleasure as they search for the perfect house, but there are many common misconceptions they cling to which can hurt a transaction.

One misconception is the mindset that they don’t really need an agent to simply make the appointment and show them a house.  They don’t realize the power of having someone on their side to explain the process, write the contract, negotiate on their behalf, and guide them through the whole process.  The seller has an agent working for them and the buyer should do the same.

Also, some buyers want to see everything on the market in their price range.  They don’t realize that many times, the first house they see may be the one.  Many buyers have looked at many houses and then gone back to the first house to put an offer in.  While it is important to look at a variety of houses, it’s a good idea to have a “must have” list, and make sure the house they want to see has many of these attributes.  It makes no sense to look at house after house which do not meet their criteria.  A drive by to check out the exterior of the house and the neighborhood is always a good idea before a showing appointment is made.

The day of the buyer’s market is gone and the seller’s market is here.  There is more competition for houses and less inventory, so the days of the lowball offer are pretty much gone.  Houses are being sold at market value and the lowball offer on a well-maintained home won’t work.  Losing a house you really want because of an extremely low offer can be very discouraging.  Multi-offers are common today and most houses, if priced right, are going quickly at or above asking price.

Another misconception a buyer may have is that they can look at houses and then get preapproved, but if they are waiting for a pre-approval from their lender they may lose the house to another offer.  It’s best to do all the work for a pre-approval ahead of time.  This way they know what they can afford and when they find their dream house, it’s just a matter of calling to get a copy of their written pre-approval to send with the offer. This can be done fairly quickly if they’ve already done all the paperwork ahead of time.  Houses are going quickly today and a buyer should be prepared to put an offer in the day of the showing or Open House.

The road to buying a new house can be pretty bumpy but having a realtor in their corner can smooth it out.

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Old Rochester Sports

Two Old Rochester sports teams remain in postseason play

Nov 12, 2019

As the fall high school sports season nears its end, two teams at Old Rochester Regional High School remain in competition.

Old Rochester football will play Ashland High School on Friday, Nov. 15 at 7 p.m. for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association Division 6 South Sectional championship.

ORR defeated Norwell at home on Nov. 9 with a score of 22-15 to win the south sectional semi-finals, and will travel to Ashland for their next game.

Head Coach Bryce Guilbeault said that his team played well in the first half, establishing a 15-0 lead at halftime. Norwell nearly made a comeback, tying the game at 15-15, but the bulldogs put together a game winning drive in the fourth quarter running with Jackson Cote, Dylan Dewolfe and Cam Brezinski.

Guilbeault said this is the second year in a row playing Ashland in the sectional finals. He said they have 24 seniors, and that “they are well-coached and are a threat in the air and on the ground,” making them their toughest challenge of the year.

Cross country runner Alex Craig will compete in the All-State meet on Saturday, Nov. 16 at the Gardner Golf Course.

Craig placed second in a Division 4 meet on Nov. 9 at the Wrentham Development Center, with a 5k time of just 16:13.53.

Coach Cindy Tilden said, “We are hoping to do the right amount of training this week with some rest to be prepared for the race.”

The girls soccer and volleyball teams also competed in the playoffs this year. Volleyball made it as far as the south semi-finals, before being eliminated by Dennis-Yarmouth. Soccer made it to the Division 2 South Quarterfinals, but was ultimately defeated by Medway by a score of 2-1.

Volleyball Coach James Oliveira said that this year’s final record of 15-5 is the best in recent memory , and that since he became head coach in 2017, the team has “made progress each year and I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.”

Oliveira added that “Although the season ended before we had hoped, we showed a lot of progress and this team was a lot of fun to coach.”

Come on out and support your local athletes as they finish off the season.  BOLD Real Estate are your local realtors. We are your community experts. Let us help you take the worry out of your real estate move.

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NAR Annual Conference in San Francisco

Kate Lanagan MacGregor, co-owner of BOLD Real Estate was excited to attend the National Association of Realtors Annual Conference in San Francisco last week.

Kate is always excited to up her professionalism with top notch conference sessions, learning new trends and tools to help her better communicate and work with her clients, and instructor classes to better help her students at Agent Rising Real Estate School.

There were keynote speeches from Magic Johnson and Billie Jean King which were inspirational and motivating. It was also exciting to have Massachusetts Realtor Richard Waystack installed as NAR President.  It was a great time to connect with her fellow realtors and return with more inspiration and ideas to bring back to her clients and students.

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Real Estate 2020

What will 2020 bring in the real estate world?  Here is the latest news on how the real estate market will fare in the New Year!

The indicators are predicting that home sales will increase and be a shining star in the economy of 2020.  Sales from existing homes and new homes will keep the real estate market on solid ground.

Real estate sales activity are predicted to increase in 2020, contrary to past beliefs that sales would decrease in the coming year.  The reason for this could be linked to low mortgage rates.

Inventory still continues to be an issue.  There is a shortage of homes to sell in comparison with the buyers out there looking. This is more of an issue with lower-priced homes and first-time home buyers. This means more time to find the house of your dreams.

While predicting the future is never completely accurate, mortgage rates are predicted to creep up slightly but still stay under the 4% mark.  This is good news for buyers and can help with their sense of urgency to find a home.

House prices are expected to rise in 2020 but at a slower rate than 2019.  It all depends on what housing market you are looking at.  Some markets are actually seeing a price drop which may continue in 2020.

Since home prices have risen in the last few years and mortgage rates have stayed lower, the country will see a lot of refinancing in the year ahead.

All in all, 2020 seems like a year of small changes and could look a lot like 2019.

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Fall Landscaping Tips

Fall Landscaping Tips according to This Old House

“This is prime time to prep your yard for the next growing season,” says This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook. Cooling temperatures slow above ground growth, and moister soil encourages strong root development. Removing spent stems, dead branches, and heavy leaf cover protects plants’ overall health. Read on for Roger’s fall checklist.

Aerate the Lawn

If rainfall pools on the grass, it’s time to aerate compressed soil so water and nutrients can reach the roots. A garden fork can do the job on a small yard, but for larger lawns Roger uses a walk-behind aerator that pulls out 2½-to 3-inch-deep soil plugs, which will break down naturally by spring.

Feed Your Grass

Cutting back on fertilizer in late summer prevents perennials from wasting energy on leaf production. “But grass roots keep growing until the ground gets down to around 40 degrees,” says Roger, “so this is a good time to feed them.” Apply a high-phosphorus (12-25-12) mix to lawns in fall to encourage roots, so turf greens up earlier in spring.

Mow a Final Time

Roger trims turf down to 1¼ inches for the last cut of the season. “Disease has a harder time with shorter grass,” Roger says, “and fallen leaves blow across the lawn because they have nothing to latch on to.” Don’t go too low, though: Grass makes most of its food in the upper blade.

Collect Leaves

To make fallen leaves easier to transport, rake them onto a plastic tarp. Roger adds them (along with leaves he’s cleared from the gutters) to a compost bin—a simple chicken-wire pen will do. Flip the leaf pile every week with a garden fork to aerate; the “black gold” that results next year can nourish lawns, flower beds, and shrub borders.

Plant New Shrubs

In many parts of the country, planting shrubs in early fall gives the plants a head start at establishing roots in the season’s cool, moist soil. The basics: Dig a hole (twice the diameter and to a depth of 2 inches less than the full height of the root ball); position the shrub in the hole (make sure the top of the root ball remains at, not below, ground level); fill in with soil; water to settle soil; add more soil to top of root ball (don’t pack soil down with foot); mulch.

Trim Dead Limbs

Lifeless branches can succumb to winter snow and winds, endangering you and your home. “For big jobs, call in the pros,” says Roger. But you can protect small ornamental trees from further damage by cutting cracked, loose, and diseased limbs close to (but not flush with) the trunk; leave the wounds exposed to heal.

Cut Back Perrenials

A little work now results in healthier spring beds: Evict tired annuals, as well as the snails and slugs that feed on them, which breed in fall. Trim spent perennial foliage down to the ground; this sends energy to the roots, for next season. Every three years, divide crowded tuberous plants, like irises and daylilies: More space means more flowers.

Mulch Young Plants

Give new beds a layer of mulch—chopped leaves, weed-free straw, or wood chips—after a light frost, but before the ground freezes. Till decomposed layers of organic mulch into the soil, then apply a fresh 2- to 4-inch layer (more will smother roots) to keep new plantings warm and to control water runoff and soil erosion.

Dry Out Drip Systems

Standing water can freeze and crack drip-irrigation tubing. For simple systems, Roger shuts the water off, unscrews the tap-joint adapter, and, using a high-volume, low-pressure setting on his compressor, inserts an air hose where the system normally attaches to the tap. “Blowing the water out avoids having to uproot the entire system.”

A little extra time can bed your landscaping down for the winter and make for a better spring.

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September Tops in Sales and Listings at BOLD Real Estate

BOLD Real Estate is excited to announce our Tops in Listings and Sales for the month of September.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor, co-owner of BOLD Real Estate has earned the Tops in Sales distinction. Kate is always the professional and is always finding ways to grow and learn in the real estate industry and pass that knowledge onto her fellow agents.  

She is always excited to work with new as well as past clients and help make their real estate move smooth and worry free.  Kate’s solid reputation and caring manner assures her of many repeat clients, She loves to give back to her local community and the real estate world and is involved with every aspect of the real estate process. 

Tracey Lee has earned Tops in Listings for the month of September. Tracey has had a productive year in her real estate career.  She is a great leader and mentor at the BOLD Real Estate office and is always learning and upping her professionalism in the real estate world. Tracey is always available to help her fellow agents as well as her clients to give them the attention and service to make their transactions as smooth as possible. She is always thorough and meticulous and gives attention to every detail. 

BOLD Real Estate has had a great summer and is looking forward to a great fall season.  We are your community experts and are here to help make your real estate move smooth and worry free.

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The Neighborhood Real Estate Agent

What are consumers really looking for in a real estate agent?  Of course they’d like  to sell their home in a timely manner or need help when  buying a new house, but they can look up houses on their own on the internet. What else are they looking for?

Real Estate Agents still have the local market knowledge and expertise they are looking for.  It is one of their  competitive edges in this day and age.  There are a lot of statistics and facts on the local real estate sites, but not always accurate.    Real estate agents can help  sort through the facts and realize what is true in your area.   They may not know everything , but there is a lot they can offer on the trends in selling and buying in your neighborhood.  Especially to clients new to the area, a seasoned real estate agent can offer  information on schools, local spots to dine, and even differences in taxes and education in the towns they serve.  They are the local “expert”.

People like to know about the neighborhoods, they are moving into.  Even new agents, who may not be as seasoned, can be helpful by researching and learning the local area and blogging about it on their website.

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ORR’S Homecoming Football Game

ORR’s homecoming football game sees big win, charity, catapult contest

Oct 25, 2019

MATTAPOISETT —  The Old Rochester Regional High School homecoming football game saw a dominant victory, charitable donation, and a tennis ball-launching catapult on Friday, Oct. 25.

Just before the action began, head coach Bryce Guilbeault said that his team had a strong game plan for the night, and that “hopefully we execute it, and everything will fall into place.”

Despite a rocky start, his players delivered on that hope.

Seekonk started strong, scoring a touchdown with ten minutes and 53 seconds left in the first quarter.

Quick to answer,  Junior Ryan Quinlan scored Old Rochester’s first touchdown of the game on the next drive.

The score was tied 7-7 at the start of the second quarter, but the Bulldogs would soon turn the tide of the game for good.

Touchdowns from Seniors Jackson Cote, and Camden Brezinski, as well as a solid defense, left Old Rochester with a 21-7 lead at the end of the half.

At just 15 seconds into the second half, Junior Eddie Espejo turned a kickoff return into a touchdown. When asked about the play, Espejo said that he noticed the Warriors had loaded heavily on to one side of the field. With confidence in his own speed, and good blocking from his teammates, Espejo was able to make it to the endzone.

Following Espejo’s speedy touchdown, everything began to fall into place, just as Guilbeault predicted.

With a series of touchdowns, a two-point conversion, and even a 42-yard field goal by Junior Ryon Thomas, Old Rochester ran up what started as a competitive game, to a 46-7 blowout.

When asked about his long-shot kick, Thomas said that he was happy to avenge a missed attempt at a 42-yard kick against Dartmouth. Thomas doubles as the team’s quarterback, and said that he values his role in both positions equally.

After the victory, Guilbeault revealed that the game plan he mentioned earlier was to draw the pass-heavy Seekonk offense into running the ball. While the action was close early on, Guilbeault said that he was happy to see everything start to click in later on in the game.

With this win, the Bulldogs improved their record to 6-1, while Seekonk fell to 5-3.

While football may have taken center stage, it wasn’t the only attraction at the homecoming game.

To commemorate its 50th reunion, the class of 1969 donated $1,000 to help defray activity fees for students.

Class of ‘69 graduates John Guilherme and Steve Heath played football, basketball, and baseball during their time at the school, and said that “the fact that kids have to pay at all just to play sports, or be in a play” was enough motivation to want to help out.

The former classmates said that Athletic Director Bill Tilden could name a few students “right off the top of his head” who couldn’t afford the $275 activity fee. Heath and Guilherme said they felt that helping to defray those costs directly would be more impactful than a traditional plaque from their class to current students.

During halftime, students had a peculiar competition to raise money for their respective classes.

Teams from each grade level used a catapult to launch tennis balls toward a bullseye-shaped target across the football field.

The Junior team consisting of Sean Lally, Davis Fox, Maggie Carroll, Isabelle Kelly, and Paige Zutaut were able to shoot the first, and second closest ball to the target, winning $150 for their class.

The sharpshooting juniors attributed their success to teamwork, allowing one member to focus on balance, and another on the release point when launching the tennis ball.

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Realtor Safety

Realtor safety is a very important issue today and in the recent past.  Realtors can be put in dangerous situations during Open Houses and showings and need to be aware of steps to take to keep themselves safe.   Here are some tips for realtor situations.

Make sure at least one personal contact and your office know where you are at all times.  You should let them know where you will be and when you feel you will be done.  Check in when you move on.

Meet new clients at the office first before any private showings.  Have them complete a client information sheet and copy their driver’s license and vehicle information.

Open Houses.  Have another realtor or co-worker share the duties with you and set up a sign in sheet with client’s information.

During open houses and showings, let your client proceed you through the house, especially when going down into the basement or upstairs.  Keep them in your line of vision at all times.

Park on the street.  Do not let a client block you in the driveway.  Drive around the neighborhood if you are unfamiliar, be aware of the easiest and fastest exit routes.

Know all the exits to the home and make sure they are all unlocked.

Leave your purse and valuables in the trunk of your car and have your cell phone in your hand.  Leave the expensive jewelry at home.

Never allow a client into your car unless you know them very well and feel comfortable.

Check out the safety apps for your phone.  Have the local police department on your phone and have them ready to respond at the touch of a button.

Last but not least, trust your gut.  If a situation makes you uncomfortable or makes you uneasy, remove yourself  and reschedule.  Your job is not worth your safety.

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